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Little Ale at his father's pizzeria in Italy dressed as a professional pizza chef

A Slice of Italy

About us


Alessandro, owner of A Slice of Italy, was born in Cagliari, Sardinia. He grew up in the family's pizzeria, with a soccer ball in one hand and an apron in the other. 

In 1999, Alessandro started working under his father and uncle in their pizzeria, perfecting his skills in the kitchen each night after soccer training. 

He practised the art of making dough from scratch, stretching it with care, lending a watchful eye through the fiery heat of the oven. The experience instilled in him traditional Italian values, combining honest, local ingredients with methods passed down from generations - and doing it all with undeniable passion.

Alessandro has over 20 years experience as a Pizzaiolo. Leaving Italy to gain experience around the world, he has worked in pizzeria in London and Sydney. Now able to call Australia his second home, Alessandro has decided to share his passion with Sydney-siders, bringing his enthusiasm, craftsmanship and love for pizza to every catering.

When you book A Slice of Italy for your next party, you are not just booking a mobile pizza oven.  You are booking a lifetime of passion for food, family and Italian tradition.